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A Sensitive Issue

Sunday Sawaal          & Truly a matter of concern.... There have been a spate of deaths in India’s nuclear and atomic energy sector which are worrying but the government hasn’t given any security cover to the scientists working on its strategically important projects; in fact it describes the incidents as routine accidents and refuses to investigate any further. As per the latest data by India’s Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), between 2009 and 2013, 11 nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths. While 8 of them died in a blast or by hanging or drowning in the sea, 3 died under mysterious circumstances – two allegedly committed suicide while the other died in a road accident. Apart from these 11, 15 more lost their lives mysteriously but since losing people who are important to national interest is a thing India seems to be fine with, these deaths ended up being classified as unexplained killings. Interestingly, nearly 50 years ago ‘father of Indian nuclear program’ Homi J Bhabha lost his life in a controversial plane crash in the Swiss Alps near Mt. Blanc. No debris was ever found and nothing substantial explaining the cause of crash was ever brought before the public. Bhabha died soon after he publicly said India could produce a nuclear device in a short time. In this case, it was suspected that the CIA was behind the crash to derail India’s nuclear program. It’s not just the scientists working on nuclear programs that are dying horrific deaths. India’s space program too has been subject to controversy. In a 15-year period, the Indian Space Research Organization lost 684 personnel. That’s 45 deaths per year. Now the pertinent questions that rise from the above issue are - 1) Why doesn’t any of the investigation ever give any concrete result? 2) Who benefits the most from these killings? 3) What about the latest list of suspicious deaths? 4) Why is India not making any noise about the whole thing? 5) Why is the media ignoring a sensitive issue? 6) Shouldn’t the police version, which describes these incidents as normal kinds of death, be challenged?
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woah. What a crazy story! where did you find this information?
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