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A big hello to you, newbies and experienced health nuts alike!

Today, I'm sharing my goals for the first week of my Newbie Health Nut Challenge.

Follow the collection to join me on this journey. We can become healthier, happier people together!

My Health & Fitness Goals for This Week:

Run before work two days this week. I'm starting small, because small victories are the key to success! Taking on too much when you start out can lead to burnout (as I've experienced so many times before), so I'm going to just introduce physical activity into my routine and worry about upping the frequency later.
Write 2 health cards. Part of the reason for this journey is better educate myself on physical, emotional, and mental health. This week, I'd like to tackle the topics of different cultural perceptions of health (health around the world) and body image (how to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin).
I know it's not a ton, but it's a start! And that's what Week 1 is all about: starting this journey off on the right foot.

How are you staying positive on your health/fitness journey?

@TessStevens hmm. I dropped sodas a while back. You will feel a million times better, trust me... And you'll lose weight. There are so many empty, nasty things in soda!! You can do it!! I'll have to think of a goal now!
My health goal for the week is to stop drinking soda! I think If I can do it for a week, I can sustain it for longer :) I'm drinking more and more water, and feeling a lot less bloated and more healthy. I hope to follow other vinglers' journeys too! @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @JPBenedetto any of you gals care to join me?
@ButterflyBlu yes!!! Join us!! :D Yeah, I agree that cutting out soda is a wonderful health choice. I need to stop eating so much processed sugar... it's hard though because there's a big basket of candy in the office! lol. But one step at a time :) I haven't run yet – was going to this morning, but I FaceTimed with Kelly instead – but tomorrow, I'm so there!!! >:D
@TessStevens Sorry forgot to tag lol