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Today in Anime Birthdays... (Oct. 11)
I'm sort of obsessed with the fact that I share my birthday with Bianchi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, so I thought it'd be fun to count down some special birthdays that happened today in the ~anime world!~

Happy Birthday to these characters all born on October 11!

Izumo Kamiki from Ao no Exorcist

(Blue Exorcist)

Furihata from Kuroko no Basuke

(Kuroko's Basketball)

Uesugi Hajime from CODE:BREAKER

Touko Hattori from Idolm@ster!

Naoko Yanagisawa from Cardcaptor Sakura

Kazuichi Banjou from Tokyo Ghoul

Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass

Happy Birthday, everyone!

If people like these I can try to do one every day or every week or something :) So make sure to like & share if you enjoy it ^_^


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