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Don't hate your body for how it looks – love it for what it can do! Get inspired with these 6 awesome quotes combining fitness inspiration and self-love.

Acknowledge your body's capabilities. Exercise at any level help you appreciate all the amazing things your body can do. Marvel at the beautiful, complex machine of your muscles, your breath, your mind.
Breathe in. Breathe out. You are stronger than you know. The power to direct your course and your life is in your hands. You are capable – believe in the power you have to change your world.
This quote is absolutely true – you are beautiful! Tell your reflection. Believe it, because it's true. Every challenge you've faced only makes you stronger and more beautiful. Strive for the right goals – it's not about what you look like. It's about being healthy, whatever that may look like. You are absolutely gorgeous just the way you are.
Stop letting life kick you around – take your future into your own hands! You are smart, and capable, and determined. You have the power to make positive changes in your life, both mentally and physically. Eradicate defeatist attitudes; abandon self-doubt and self-judgment. Embrace positivity – you can do it!
Practice radical self-love by putting yourself first. You are a precious being with so much to offer the world; take care of that person. In your pursuit of physical health, don't neglect your mental and emotional health. Being healthy is multifaceted, and each one of those parts is necessary to the whole. Do your best to love your self every day. When you get knocked down, get up and try again.
Finally, I'll leave you with an emphasis on small victories. No matter how silly or slow you think you look, remember – you're a champion because you got out there. You didn't let excuses or fear hold you back; you've already conquered them. So celebrate that victory, and let it be the first step on your triumphant health & fitness journey!
Show your friends how much you love them, and share this card with the ones who could use a self-love boost this week. It's always nice to start off the day with some inspiration :)
I hope you guys found these quotes inspiring and helpful! Do you ever struggle with self-love, especially when it comes to body image or working out? I know that feel. Let's talk about it :)
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*clap clap clap clap* :D I'm glad I got to read this for my morning! I'm pumped! >:3
Yaaayyyyy @Luci546 I'm so glad!! >:D Let's tackle the day!! Lol :)
@TessStevens So true, girl. I am also learning to love myself one step at a time :) It's a journey. We can't expect it all to come together in one day. But staying mindful about it is the first step :)
I love the first quote. People sometimes don't realize they can actually push themselves further when they don't think they can go on anymore. It's all mental. This is one of my favorite Yogi-isms: "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical." I think this can apply in other parts of our lives as well!
@mchlyang Hahaha what a wise guy. When I was a distance runner in high school, I learned just how mental the game is. You think it depends on your body, but your body is there for you – you need to learn to trust it, and it'll take you as far as you want to go.