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Love and Relationships : Where is the love?
I met one of my old friends last night at the bar as usual. With some clod beers, We got into girl's talk. That night, I just had to be a good listener to help her settle a complicated relationship. Directly speaking, she slept with her superior who is in a same project. OMG! I was speechless. She told me all affair and asked me a piece of advice.
I had never been like that, but you guys know, the most dangerous things in a company is sleeping with co-workers. If they were in a serious relationship, I might tell her it's a wonderful chance to get closer but there were no love.
To tell the truth, I'm pretty sure that she has care and affection to that nut. But sadly, as what she said and felt, he did not feel the slightest flicker of affection toward her. He just called her late at night after drinking. So clear! My poor girl admitted no more the things between her and him but loneliness and sexual desire were beyond her expectations at all times. She couldn't stop think of him and wait his call before she went to bed. She obviously fell into the feelings for the worse. Only this kid had a big crush on superior...
It was already spilled and I already told her everything which I could tell! Hmm... What should I do to wake her up? Which word is more successful to her? Should I support her love business(for me, It is just a playing with fire) or let her get a hold of herself?
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@RobertMarsh @JonPatrickHyde that's very good advice. @Julitta1207 It's really difficult to be a good friend in situations like this, because a lot of the time it feels like you just have to watch them make a huge mistake. Yes, listening and being supportive are unfortunately the only tools you have at your disposal here. Fortunately those are really powerful tools. It's amazing what being able to vent to someone without judgement can do. And honestly, I think it's important to trust your friend, and let them figure this one out on their own. They'll come to the right conclusion if you give them the space and support to do so.
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@ButterflyBlu @allischaaff (Thax for tagging me on your card♡) @RobertMarsh @JonPatrickHyde @shannonl5 First of all, Thax guys for all considerable answers! When I heard this kinds of events, the first thing I could think was just Why did you do that!!? not being an advisor and having a kindhearted helps. I ignored her fear about what should she do as a new worker and a girl. As I mentioned, I had never experienced that one. Because I'm a still university student. If it was happened between friends, I didn't care about that very much. Besides she had some special feelings to him!! And so what I have to do is following you guys thoughtfull tips to say her that I belive you and I am always be with you so don't worry alone. I wanna she won't be hurt. Thank you again! With your comments, I can help her naturally:^)
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you are a good friend @Julitta1207, I'm glad she has someone like you who cares about her in her life... she is lucky
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@RobertMarsh Actually I'm not hahaha. I appreciate you see it that way.
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I'm sure your friend sees you that way @Julitta1207
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