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A big thank you to @AimeeH for tagging me in this! I love doing these! This is my story time. It may be long and yes you can skip it if you want to... But anyway on wiz ze story. Changsub and I had been childhood friends well ever since we were children. Seen as we had been friends for a long time we had grown very close. Close to the point where we are practically one person. Changsub was always very protective of me. He would protect me like I was his little sister.... but of course we were the same age. Changsub and I were never really to popular and always got picked on. There was this group of sporty guys that everyone loved (except us). Between lessons I once saw Changsub on the floor getting beaten up. I ran straight over to him to try and stop the guys from beating my best friend up! However the first time I tried I ended up getting hit pretty hard in the head and ended up on the floor next to Changsub. I then heard a voice yelling 'STOP!' The guys immediately stopped and looked up. Standing there was none other than Minhyuk, the guy who always followed the sporty group around and never got himself into this kind of stuff. That was the day when I started to develop a crush on Minhyuk. I quickly ran over to Changsub and took him to the nurses office. We both got checked over and was sent home. When we were walking home I couldn't stop thinking about Minhyuk and I didn't even realise I had drifted into the road and was heading towards the oncoming traffic. I came back to reality and noticed a car was a few inches away from hitting me. I closed my eyes and couldn't move. Just then I was tackled to the floor by an unknown man. I slowly opened my eyes and realised the man had saved me! The man started shouting at me asking if I was stupid. I then started to get angry because of the rude comment. He then calmly asked me if I was okay. I stood up and said I was fine and started to walk away. I took a few steps then my legs gave way (because of the shock). I heard footsteps running over to me and I felt myself being lifted into someone's arms (bridal style). I looked at the persons face and realised it was the guy who saved me. I wondered where he was taking me. It was silent until I heard his angellic voice. 'I'm Ilhoon. And you are?' 'M-m-my n-name is B-Becki.' I was still in utter shock but managed to say my name. Ilhoon took me inside a restaurant, still carrying me, and sat me down at a table. 'I'm sorry I took so long Mum and Dad.' Ah so these were his parents. But there was still someone sitting at the table. I assumed he was Ilhoon's brother. Ilhoon introduced me to his mum and dad and then introduced me to his brother (I was right). His brother's name was Peniel. I greeted all of them and they all greeted me back. Peniel was very attractive. What I didn't know was that I would fall in love with him and spend the rest of my life with him. It soon got to the time where I had to leave to go home. I got up from the table and thanked Ilhoon's parents and also apologised for intruding. I walked to the restaurants door ready to leave when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The hand spun me around and I was suprised to see Peniel standing there. He told me that he was going to walk me home and make sure I got home safely. So he walked me back home. When we got to my house we stood outside my front door on the porch. Peniel then suprised me by giving me a small kiss on the lips. My eyes widened in shock. He had stolen my first kiss. He then proceeded to tell me that when he first saw me he knew he liked me. He told me it was love at first sight and asked me to be his girl. I too had had that feeling when we first met and knew he was the one. I said yes and now we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. When I went back to school the next day Changsub ran up to me and asked me if I was okay. Of course I was. Changsub then noticed that I was smiling from ear to ear and asked me what I was so happy about. I told him about the night before and how I had now got a boyfriend. Changsub was happy for me, however, Minhyuk had overheard our conversation and started to get a bit jealous. He knew my little crush for him would stop and he would no longer have me crushing on him. He knew I was being taken away from him but we weren't even going out in the first place. He had a little crush on me too but I hadn't found out. He was my high school crush and that was it. He was merely a silly little high school crush. When I got home I noticed a bunch of flowers on the doorstep. I got excited and thought they were from Peniel. I rang him up and thanked him for the flowers. He got confused and told me he hadn't sent me any. I kept on getting these types of gifts everytime I would come home. The gifts never had any name written on them so I assumed I had a secret admirer. One day that secret admirer revealed themselves to me and it turns out it was my best friend Changsub. He told me he liked me but had kept his feelings at bay. I told him I only saw him as a friend and that I already had a boyfriend that I loved to pieces. He looked deflated and sad. I told him I loved him as a best friend and that I hope he can understand that. He told me he understood and wanted to finally tell me his feelings. He knew he was late but wanted to let me know how he felt before he actually burst. He had told me he had kept his feeling bottled up for over a year. I stared at him in awe and wondered how he managed to do that seen as he was constantly around me. He said it felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and that he would be going back home now. -Skip 5 years- 5 years had now passed and it was Peniel and I's 5 year anniversary (we had been together this long already!). He payed a suprise visit to my house. He had told me he had a suprise for me and that I should dress up and be ready for 7pm as he was picking me up then. He left the house and the time was currently 3pm. He went to go and get my suprise ready. I looked at the time and realised it was 6pm already! I had only 1 hour to get ready! I quickly took a shower and got dressed. I put some make up on and the time was 6.45pm. 15 minutes left till Peniel arrives. I had gone downstairs to wait for him. 7pm arrived and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to reveal a handsome man standing there. He escorted me to his car and put a blindfold on me. It really was a suprise! We drove to the location and I was still blindfolded. I could hear music coming from afar. Peniel lead me out of the car, still blindfolded, and the music grew louder. He left my side and told me to take my blindfold off. We were at a beach but Peniel was no where to be seen. I looked down at my feet and notice a big heart carved into the sand with the words 'Will you marry me?' written inside the heart. I covered my mouth in suprise and turned around. There he was kneeling on one knee with a ring in his hand. I put my hand out and he put the ring onto my finger. He stood up with a big grin on his face and waltzed over to me. He hugged me and I knew he was the man I would spend my life with. We got married a few months later and ended up having children in the future.
@beckiboop1996 Omg You couldn't be any more right
@AimeeH same here! adulting sucks!
@AimeeH haha I make it sound like it's for little kids 😄
@AimeeH I'm glad you like it! your welcome!!! story time for everyone
omg I love this!! Thank you again for another story time!! For Participating as well! ♡♡
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