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As a self-respecting TV maven, I worship the goddess Shonda Rhimes, but I need to talk about what's happened to Scandal. After recently binge re-watching the show at the behest of my significant other, it became even more clear how much Scandal has changed since the pilot. For example. the fact that literally everyone is now a murderer - or best friends with one - and super nonchalant about the deed.
When a show is titled How To Get Away With Murder, you know what to expect, but, to be honest, that name is now much more suited for Scandal, given the body count. What started off as a fun, sexy political drama has taken quite the dark turn (too much House of Cards, perhaps?).
Let's recap (major spoiler alert):
Billy Chambers: Forgot this guy existed, didn't you? The original Scandal murderer, complete with a very graphic scissors-in-throat scene. RIP cute reporter man.
Cyrus Beene: The first of the main cast to dabble in sin, he had Paris Geller (reincarnated) permanently silenced to abate a presidential sex scandal. Is it just me or do people tend to forget about this murder because it harkens all the way back to Season 1?
President Grant: He casually murdered a Supreme Court Justice. Given, she tried to have him assassinated first, but the President is a murderer. Olivia, what exactly is it you see in him?
Jake Ballard: This one is no surprise given he's a super spy, but WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE JAMES FROM US?! Seriously, Olivia, can you date some non-murderers?
Rowan Pope: Olivia dating murderers clearly stems from her daddy issues, in that Rowan is the biggest killer of them all. You know, what with being in charge of a secret, evil spy ring.
Sally Langston: The crazy ex-Vice President disagreed with Fitz on nearly every count, but at least they both shared murder in common. She literally stabbed her husband in the back. At least, unlike pretty much all the other Scandal killers, she felt remorse regarding her actions, for approximately one episode.
Huck: Arguably the only character to out-crazy Sally, his favorite pastimes include torturing and murdering people. He likens it to a much bloodier alcohol addiction. Sure he was conditioned to perform these acts as an ex-member of that aforementioned spy ring, but none of those guys take pleasure in decapitation.
Quinn Perkins: Known as mini-Huck, Quinn becoming a crazy murderer who loves blood seemed inevitable. This still doesn't change the fact that she's 100% the worst character on the show. With the nonstop deaths on Scandal, how is it that poor Harrison got murdered off and we're still stick with Quinn?
Wow, despite the title, I never realized Scandal had THIS much drama!! @marissabergman I'm guessing you recommend the show? :) I've never seen it before, and I'm looking for a new bingeable addiction! hehe :)
@allischaaff YES it's the best show for binging - the first season is flawless, the second starts to get a little weird and then everything flies off the handle by season three.
OMG this is so true. Pretty much just Olivia hasn't killed anyone, and Abby I guess? Mellie definitely has... I'm really glad this is fiction that's all I can say XD @kararhory did you see this? Haha!