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so I played 2times because my phone kept freezing while I was trying to screenshot so I will give both results today results 1 minhyuk and I have been friends forever. I guess that tends to happen when you have lived across each other since birth. so after he became famous by joining a group called btob he immediately called me to celebrate with him and the guys. that is where I met sungjae....I had a crush on him at first sight....the guys always said that he liked me too but he never said anything or made Amy moves. one day we were all hanging out by the pool when clumsy me tripped and fell in. normally I can swim enough to save my life but when I started to fall in I panicked and forgot to breathe. ilhoon jumped in without any hesitation and saved me. from then on he became like a big brother to me. he was super protective of me. he nearly flipped a lid when he found out hyunsik first kissed me without the intention of dating me. for some reason changsub was jealous about the kiss and about peniel asking me out. of course I said yes. he was so sweet and cute. he even brought me to meet his family. but the longer we dated the more we felt like we were meant to be just friends. I stayed single for some time and that's when eunkwang stepped in. it was one of those amazing loves where you know it's the one.which is why after only a year of dating he asked me to marry him! I said yes! results we're awesome! eunkwang is my bias and peniel is my second bias
results 2 Changsub and I have been friends since childhood. it was through him that I eventually met our other friend ilhoon. even though changsub didn't want me getting involved ilhoon introduced me to the rest of the "family" (btob boys). I started hanging out there all of the time but one night a sasaeng fan who noticed me hanging out with them decided to push me out into the road..... you'd think that freezing in front of an incoming car only happens in the dramas until it happens to you. I couldn't move. the next thing I knew I was back on the side walk with 2 strong arms wrapped around me. I look up and see changsub. he saved me! but before he could ask if I was OK. peniel, eunkwang, hyunsik, and sungjae come rushing over. apparently after I left they decided to go to the store for some ice cream and saw me get pushed. my crush peniel asked me if I was OK. me still being in a daze blurted out I almost died without my first kiss. they all laughed at me but then peniel did the unexpected. he took my face in his hands and kissed me. "there" he said. "now you have". now I wasn't the only one in shock. it was hyunsiks turn. I guess he had a crush on me and peniel knew it. *a few months later* it was announced that sungjae was going away for a bit to film a new drama. but before he went he wanted to make an announcement. he took my hand and in front of everyone asked me to be his girlfriend. at first I thought he was joking but he was serious so I said yes. the distance was very hard though and with his busy schedule we barely got to talk. when I look back on it it was a sweet gesture but really bad timing. we didn't last long. we broke up but stayed good friends. I also became super good friends with eunkwang. he became almost like a protective big brother to me. changsub didn't like it and became jealous and distant. I thought it was because he might have thought he was being replaced. so I tried to talk to him. boy was I wrong. he gave me an ear full about how this was why he didn't want me get involved with the group because I didn't notice him anymore and how I was dating sungjae but didn't see how he's been in love with me all this time (apparently he didn't get the memo about our break up). I didn't mean to and I tried to hold it in but I busted out laughing. "why didn't you say anything???" he looked down and mumbled something about not waiting lose our friendship. I took his hands and said "well now that you've said something, do something about it" ....that's when he got down on one knee and proposed. I was a bit shocked but I said yes. what more was there to think about. we had been friends for so long and I really did love him. so we got married and have been happy ever since