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BigBang Concert NewJersey
So I had the absolute pleasure of seeing these guys in concert last night! I thought I'd share a few pictures and hopefully later I will add a video of one of the performances I got recorded. I can't talk now I've screamed so much. I even got a little teary-eyed during the Bad Boy performance. I wish I could do it all over again!
@Ashby These are some great pictures. I'm looking forward to your voice videos
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What songs did they perform because hopefully I'm going tonight
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They did bang bang bang, fantastic baby, bad boy, blue, good boy, eyes nose lips, doom dada, sungri and daesung did a solo song (don't know the name), Zutter, we like to party, sober, loser, crooked, stupid liar, Bae Bae and If you. (I think that's all of them, might be one or two I missed but that's it)
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@Ashby dang I wonder if tonight is gonna be a repeat because I love alk those songs and I don't wanna miss all the good stuff
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I think it will be, but even if they change it up a little bit it will still be an awesome show
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