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Lolita is a (street) fashion and sub-culture originating from Japan with strong influences from the Victorian Era and Rococo Era. The Lolita fashion is innocent and modest (as Lolita's are not allowed to show their shoulders or bare legs). There are many different sub-styles in Lolita (as shown above^). However you should be careful to realize that the word "Lolita" has two definitions. If you look up the definition of Lolita in Google, this will result~
That definition of a Lolita is not tied in any way to the fashion, and is derived from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita (1955).
The two most popular Lolita sub-styles are by far gothic and sweet.
Even though the two are completely different, they are both wildly popular in the Lolita community. (Example pictures^)
When dressing Lolita, they are many rules that must be followed for your outfit to be rightfully called "Lolita". However I will make a separate card on that topic because it is a very meticulous subject.
There are some brands in Lolita such as Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates (baby the stars shine bright), and Bodyline. Lolita is a very expensive fashion because every JSK or one piece (dress) is handmade by independent boutiques across the world, and only a select few ship to other countries or overseas. The extremely detailed patterns, and well made articles of clothing cost anywhere in the three digit range if new or rare. Used one piece dresses or JSK's will be much cheaper. However, that's not the whole outfit. You would still need socks (thigh highs), shoes, outerwear (optional), blouses, and accessories to match with every one piece (dress) or JSK. This is called a coordinate or "coord" for short. Lastly, never forget to wear lots of petticoats!
I am a beginning Lolita, so if I missed any important points or made a mistake I would like you to comment below those things.
wow this is so interesting! thanks for explaining the fashion!
Love lolita fashion! I'd definitely dress lolita if there were a store that sells lolita dresses where I live. πŸ˜’ I think it is a very beautiful, cute, and unique style. πŸ’•
Whenever I hear the word Lolita all I think of is Honey-senpai and Erza in her Gothic Lolita outfit...
I'm going to follow your collection because I don't know much about the subculture but I'd love to learn!