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Kim woo bin. The heirs.
Kim bum. Yung ji, the goddess of fire. (boys over flower)
Kim jae wook. Coffee prince.
Lee min ho. The heirs.
Gong yoo. Coffee prince.
Kim hyun-joo. Boys over flowers
I think they deserve more credit then they get, so I made this card. Usually it's because they aren't the main characters or something like that but still, they deserve a round of applause. . Let me know in the comments if you have anyone in mind who deserves credit. ☺
they were all so cool and amazing, loved them all.
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I agree with most except LMh character from Heirs. It was poop💩💩💩.
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WooBin in Heirs was so hilarious hahahah and definitely GongYoo in Coffee Prince :D Also I'd add Hoya's character in Reply 1997!
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Yes @kpopandkimchi Hoya was so great in Reply 1997! Love GongYoo too!!!
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