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Food for thought so Superman gets his power from the sun right, well Sayians get extra power from the moon. The light from the moon is just reflexed sun light.........So doesn't the kinda mean Goku can draw power from the sun
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@Kaze00 plus in their video they show superman lifting an ISLAND OF KRYPTONITE, and flying THROUGH A RED SUN! all he has to do is try harder and he won't lose.
so here's how this goes: they fight, one gets the upper hand then the other. then there is some galactic menace that can only be stopped by the 2 of them so they unite and save multiple galaxies. are we done now? Cuz here's the thing they both have been beat and at the whims of a someone. and all the information people are dropping came from the writers of they're own shit. I don't think supes can win by trying harder. I don't think goku can beat everyone. this convo is getting tedious I love all y'all but I'm out. they both win (but mainly goku)
sorry gku but supperman pun intended has no limits
sideing with screw attack here
No way Goku will win for sure.He's the best there is.