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Not exactly what I envisioned but decent. it covers the nubian eye I had done in my 20's. Three more to go......
This looks amazing! The color/shading work is really nice. Where did you get it done if you don't mind me asking?
Thank you @shannonl5. At body revaluation actually. He did really well because the eye color was very pronounced in my former tattoo.
@jazzflonnoy thanks! I'll have to check them out. I've been planning on getting a tattoo for.... gosh almost a decade XD but I've always chickened out haha. I keep thinking I'll change my mind but at this point.... I think I'm probably sure!
Think about what it will be all the way through lol so there won't be cover ups in your future
@jazzflonnoy that's very good advice! I think for me the most important thing will be finding an artist I can work with. The piece itself is very important to me, but how I feel about it in the future will depend on how the work comes out, if that makes sense?