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I got into kpop around '11-12 in the 8th grade. I don't quite remember how, I was on youtube a lot. I spent every day watching Cody Simpson(when he was cute) music videos and somehow I ended up watching Super Junior videos. I fell in deep after hearing "Sorry sorry" and "mr simple". I was obsessed. Later on I started listening to F(x) and I could of swore I had heard "Electric shock" before as well as TVXQ's "Mirotic". I went through a phase where for my entire 9th grade year I was obessed with anything and everything korean and then I was obessed with Kdramas. Now I'm still obsessed but I have tones it down a bit lol. So I now want to hear everyone's story: how did you get into kpop?
it was last year that i started to like kpop. My best friend was the one that introduce me to kpop. So she show me a video which is exo overdose. I saw it and i fell in love with it but i had to lie to her. She never stop until i like kpop then she show me red velvet first video and i told her the truth and she was so happy and every single we talk about exo.
I've been into Kpop for a long time now.. ever since I was about 11 or 12 years old.. and I am 27 now. lol.. I was really into the 90s Kpop! I don't know if anyone remembers SES, Baby vox, Finkl, HOT, GOD, Turbo, and etc. I use to dance to kpop for our middle school talent show.. I was first hooked on kdramas because of "Autumn In My Heart." There were VHS of this drama that was dubbed in my language, and I've been hooked ever since... I will be a Kpop and kdrama lover for life. ^_^
my best friend introduced me in 2012 around Halloween - Christmas season and the first group I watched was Shinee (can't remember what song). I at first I was iffy about listening to kpop around here even though I was listening to mostly jpop at that time but then I slowly got the song's stuck in my head now I listen to kpop and jpop all the time with my best friend
@sashazsa17 oh ma gawd!!! thanks to you i actually remember how i got into kpop(which is shame lol). The same thing happened to me. I watched the drama Skip Beat! with donghae and siwon in it because i was in love with the manga. The OST was Solo by SJ-M. Thank you so much for unconsciously helping me remember lol.
for me it was about 11th grade and i actually finished watching a kdrama and wanted to know where i could find the music they were playing then found jay park then it took off from there. i never looked back.
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