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Every time I type the word 'freaking', my phone changes it to 'FreakingGDragon' and I have no idea why... Also, I guess my phone is use to me FANGIRLING so whenever I type someone's name, it automatically capitalizes all the letters Ex. SUGA Why, phone, whyyyyy? Does anyone else's phone do things like this?
Whenever I try to type an email address, it changes it to one of my Vingle fam members DANG IT!!!!
@AimeeH I can usually fix it, but when I'm talking about NATSU or SUGA, even if I try to fix it, it capitalizes itself again. My phone is so difficult sometimes
@Myaisnotsexy yes or like how you fangirl so much that your phone suggest your bias after every word or the beginning or end of the sentence
It auto corrects JB! with an exclamation mark. lol i fangirl too much over him 馃槀馃槀馃槀
my phone knows my bias list in bts all i have to do it type 1. and it shows v
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