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There are 3 versions of the song Lost Stars. There was the Adam Levine one, Keria Knightly one, and Jung Kook one. The one I like the most is......
JUNG KOOK!!!! I mean come on it is so amazing. It hits you hard in the feels. It is actually in English, he did an amazing job on it. Now When I heard Adam Levine did it I looked it up thinking the original is always better, but I'm sorry Adam Levine its good but not Jung Kook good. Saranghae Kookie!!!
This was how I felt when I heard Jung Kook did the song (Not Minho's reaction although at some point i did have that reaction too.) When it was in English I was just blown away.
By the end of the song.... He had literally done this to me. I hate that he did it But I love him so much more I really think he is now my Bias of the group. So Now Ill Let you decide which one you like the best.
Jung Kook Version! (I don't know where the video of this is actually from but I liked an actually video going with the song)
Adam Levine Version. ( This is from a movie these two did together)
Keira Knightly Version. ( Again also from the movie they did together)
I liked JungKooks version! Actually I heard JungKooks version before Adam Levines.
Wow! I had no idea that Jungkook was so good at English. Of course he is. He does EVERYTHING well. Freakin' Golden Maknae.
I like Kookies version the best out of these three, but another K-Pop Idol has covered this song as well, or at least they remixed it, Tae Woon (₩uNo) Zico's older brother did this as well its on his mixtape and it's awesome \(^-^)/
@RavenQueen0810 same here I didn't know who sang it originally but now I know lol. @B1A4BTS5ever yea I'm going to try and download it onto my iPod. so I can listen to it all day lol.
Kook's, Keira's, Adam's
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