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hello I'm new don't really know how to interact with every one but I love anime and no one dose where I live so I'm an outcast.
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Don't worry you're not the only outcast
Oi. Don't be shy, pull up a chair. Grab some snacks.Grab your faverite anime or manga and join in on the conversations. besides, this is our Lil aniparadise. Enjoy it.
there is literally no judgement here so feel free to comment on anything tag whoever and just have fun. I'm pretty new myself but that's what I've learned. Everyone here is very nice and there's going to be someone (if not everyone ) that has the same interests in anime you do haha :)
Same here no one to talked to about these things where I live. That's why it's pretty sweet to know I'll have an app where I can talk to people who enjoy the same things as me.