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Okay, so I'm sure many people by now many people have seen ScrewAttack!'s death battle, "Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke." (if not, here's a link. check it out, it's awesome! ) Now this isn't a post about a battle to the death, because it's really hard to die when you're cursed with true immortality. I just want to know who people like more between these two, and who they think the better character is. I prefer Deadpool over Deathstroke overall. However, as a character, I think Deathstroke is a little more developed and has a better backstory. So now I leave it to you all..... Opinions?
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deadpool won i know the proved it
@robgalaxy15 Why does no one read the description or previous comments? This isn't who beats who. Who do you like more? Who has a more complete backstory? Thinking questions.
@robgalaxy15 @Namrow it's ok! we can always ask now ^_^
its time for a deathbattle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait its already out ? damn im slow. sorry guys messed up wont happen again.
@KTHinton lol no worries we can always re-open the debate!