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This is my second and is currently the one I'm using to go to conventions my X-Force Deadpool!! I did lose weight since last year so I could look better in my costumes :) and that's my instagram if any of you want to follow me or just simply like my pics haha :) I am going to COMIKAZE at the endings if this month!! >:) and I'm going as a villain! ;) it's my brand new costume that was just recently made for me
And I recently received it!
I will be putting up pics of what villain I'm dressing up as >:)

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Stacy geeky and nerdy!! "BANG BANG"

@hikaymm it was custom made just for me :) and thank you very much ^_^
that is a really nice body suit! they can be hard to find @MoisEsGaray
@shannonl5 awwww why thank you :) and yes ^_^ I actually just received my new costumes 2 days ago >:) it's the super villain CARNAGE!!! :O I'll put up pics of it so you could see it :)
@MoisEsGaray oooh yes I'm excited to see your new costume ^_^
@MoisEsGaray cool! Considering it's only been a short time I'm very impressed with what you've done ^_^ are there any other characters you do/are planning on doing?
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