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Yip I just had to say this so leave if you want... this is me being excited. with cringe worthy humor.
first... fallout 4 is announced for this year. I've been waiting forever and when I saw the trailer and gameplay, I was ecstatic. I may be a hardcore otaku... but fallout is the... bomb... get it, like atomic bomb. whatever.
Second, kizumonogatari was announced, I don't know the release, but it was announced. there are few anime I love as much as this series. and since it's the start of everything, Meme Oshino is coming back. This ones gonna be a... heart stopper... cause vampires have no pulse... you have no humor.
and lastly a personal one... my sister is coming here for Christmas... don't let ghe image above scare you... no kiss x sis here. or sny other incest animes. or that type of American either... now that I've thought that... I'm really in a bad position... all American otakus with siblings are...
have u preorder fallout 4. I have cant wait
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@CarlosG is that even a question... yes I have
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@GabeOwens I will disappear on nov from the internet,
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@CarlosG a lot of people will... a lot of people...
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