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Sanji. Prince or Not?
Hey One Piece fans, is Sanji a prince or not? I think he is.
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Look how surprised we were when we learnes how much influence doflamingo had.
Doflamingo was an ex dragon though. That's why he had influence. Also he was a warlord so he had much closer contact with the government then the emperors. (As far as we know)
but we only learned he was a dragon this previous arc, plus dont forget that an emperor was connected to doflamingo. So tBig mom could be doing something similar
Probably the son of the blond hair Gorosei (world government party). They have similar hair and fashion sense. There was foreshadowing in baroque works (think I'm spelling that right lol) by having the codename "mr.prince". Rogerbase on YouTube has a great theory piece on this, check him out.