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Seoul Diaries...Day 5
@Baekyeol27 @TMinusEleven @jannatd93 I may or may not have gotten lost in the Seoul Subway Systems today....BUT!! Either way, I am home now thanks to some extremely sweet local help(actually it was just a random guy who happened to notice I was panicking, and American so he figured I was a lost tourist). I mean who else would get lost in this?!
This is where I ended up...But I was actually not supposed to be there...Sanggye Station Line 4. Honestly...I was supposed to be at Chungmuro Station.(NOTICE: I got this picture from Google because I was too panicked to get my own picture...And I wanted to show you guys what it looked like.)
But besides that...We went shopping at Doosan tower yesterday!! Welp, its 3 in the morning here so...Goodnight Vamily!!
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