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Since I saw the first trailer of this I have been in love with it! I could not wait for it to start!
Now that it started and I have been watching it weekly I can not wait for the next episodes. Sometimes, I wish I could have waited until the whole drama was over so I could marathon it. Then, again now that I started watching it I am so hooked that I can not stop now to wait until it is over to marathon it until it is over, :/
This week's episodes were AWESOME!
Let's star with Kim Shin-Hyuk! Who knows what is going on in his mind!
Luckily for Shin-Hyuk, what he thought could happen was not exactly what was happening. Then again, they did get closer, at least on Kim Hye-Jin's mind
Kim Shin-Hyuk knows how to "control" Hye-Jin and how to make Sung-Joon jealous (even if he does not realize/accept it)
Kim Shin-Hyuk is one of the few (maybe the only one) that has told the lead female that he likes her. Even if she did not believe him. But we can give it to her, since he is such a joker, lol
Then, again I really do wish she should have believed him. :/
AAAHH! Kim Shin-Hyuk, he is so awesome!! He does an awesome job in being the second lead. Since the first episodes I have been wanting him to end up with Hye-Jin. But then again, I am wavering on knowing who would be best for Hye-Jin.
On Shin-Hyuk's part since the day he saw her he paid attention to her and not her looks. He cares about her and wants to have fun with her(even if it means making fun of her). He is simple, even when he is really rich.
On the other hand we have Sung-Joon, who keeps on pushing Hye-Jin away, but maybe he pushes her away because he wants to be with the girl that he thinks is Hye-Jin. He is starting to like her, but he wants to like the Hye-Jin that helped him when he needed it.
Although, Shin-Hyuk is awesome, I can see where Sung-Joon's actions are coming from. He was about to know the truth but Min Ha-ri (Hye-Jin's "friend") is at fault, since she is trying to keep him.
Also, it would be honest to say that Hye-Jin might not see Shin-Hyuk "as a man," :/, even if many of us would want him to be with her.
Finally, as mentioned before, I can not wait for this week's episodes!! I want to know more about her make-over and stuff!!
I'm really excited to see where this drama goes!!! At first I was so mad with Sung-Joon, considering she was so nice to him growing up... Haha anyways this is one of my favorites I'm watching right now!! It's super funny too!!
@kpopandkimchi if you don't have time now you can always wait until later, and marathon it when you have time! ;D Up to now, which is half of the drama, I have liked it. I recommend it to a couple of my friends and they have told me that they like it. They also got hooked. In my opinion, Si Won does make a big part of this drama. He makes it really fun and hilarious to watch! Also, I don't like to go much into details. The wording is mostly my thoughts. I consider the gifs/images the spoilers, lol.
@alisynrose I know!! Me too! I am really excited about it too! I was really made at him too, because he has been a jerk to her, :/
@adymura95 omg YES! I really hate waiting for episodes to be subbed so im definitely going to viki lol!!!
@Kpopandkimchi Oh, also, just an FYI. If you decide to watch it sometime soon. Viki is ahead on episodes, they have it as a drama exclusive, and if you want to get ahead faster you should watch it with Viki, ;D
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