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You ask me this all the time but I could never give you specifics because there's too much to tell. I love you and all that you are.
I can't help but miss you. every part of you when I'm physically away. when away I miss your voice, and your warmth, your kisses, your hugs, the way when I snuggle into you and have my head on your chest and when you hum or speak I hear the vibrations. you my love, I miss the way your eyes light up and how they sparkle and how they watch my every movement, and the deepness and knowing. I miss you in all ways into three simple words..... I love you.
you'll always be my idiot no matter what. no matter how sad or angry I get I will get over it and realize how much I love you to not let you go. because yes you say things you don't mean and do things you don't mean to. yes you're an idiot, but you are my idiot.
@DragonettiSweet wow that sounds like the perfect relationship :) my dream is to date someone who's my best friend. I have a guy on the horizon who might be something really special... We'll see :)
@allischaaff you are ever so welcome. and this one has been for a while. about a year ... became best friends and then like it is what it is now
@DragonettiSweet aw you're too kind!! 馃槃 thank you. I agree, everybody deserves someone to love and to be deeply loved in return :) is this a new love? Or is it someone you've been seeing for a while?
@allischaaff thank you ever so much darlin'. I hope you will/have someone this special to be in your life. everyone deserves a piece of happiness of this such. <3
thanks, love. I hope the best for you and your special someone. I hope the best comes out for the two of you
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