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did you guys like the new episode? what do you think will happen in the next? views on Hakuba? what do you thinks going on with Luffy, Law, and Doflamingo?
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Hakuba is an interesting character the split personlity is kinda funny an cool I'm really jus waiting on zoro to go all out I'm interested to see how strong he's gotten lol an I kno luffys fight with Joker is gonna be intense already had me on my toes lol @poisonedbylife
True true you do have a point but then again he was running up Hill An you right I think by the time Luffy gets there law gonna be in critical condition but he still gonna be fine with his knowledge in the medical field an choppers too
@EduardoPontier @Goyo I just want to see whats going to happen to Law mostly. Hakubas appearance kinda surprised me more then anything because we've never seen a character quite like him. in my personal opinion he wouldn't stand a chance against Luffy, mostly due to the fact that Robin caught him pretty quick before the whole Hakuba/Cabendish thing.
I wonder just how stronger Hakuba really is... he seemed like is ready to take anyone's head off but still haven't really seen him take someone one like Luffy or a top Doflamingo exec