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The Third : the girl with blue eye
Honka is a 17 years old and she goes on quest with Bogie to make money and people know her as the sword dancer. One night in the dessert Honka and Bogie notice a human figure and ants in the same area ,Honka stopped the ants and noticed the human figure was a man and his name was iks . iks ,Honka,and Bogie worked together on different quests and one of the third member Joganki was interested in her. Honka told Iks how she became the sword dancer and they fought hard to have people have advanced technology and showed the world meaning of life.
Honka with Bogie ,Iks,and Joganki .
I actually just started watching this last night. so far it is very good
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I love this anime
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At @caitlinDavis I hope I didn't spoil the anime for you , I watch the anime many times.
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