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I was at a Bts concert with my friend. The whole time we are at the concert Jungkook kept starring at me. I told my friend and I said why is he starring at me. She goes i don't know. The concert ended and me and my friend are trying to find a cab to get back to our hotel room. This black van stops in front of us and Jungkook comes out and he asked us if we needed a ride. We didn't know what to say. Then Jungkook opened the door so we had to get in. I'm sitting in the very back by Jungkook and my friend is sitting in front of us by Suga. We get to our hotel and Jungkook gets out opens the door. Then Suga gets out and so does my friend. They both started walking with us into our hotel.
My friend gets In the elevator with Suga and me and Jungkook get in a different one. I'm standing on the other side and Jungkook is standing on a different side. From the corner of my eye i see Jungkook starting to inch his way towards me. He gets next to me, grabs my hand and puts his other hand on my check and he turns my head to him. We are facing face to face. He leaned in and he kissed me. We get to my room and my friend is there waiting and we walk in. Jungkook and Suga leave. I tell my friend what happened then I woke up. Just thought I should share this with y'all.