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Strange how much your style in boards and setups can change in just 8 months! Going from drop throughs with hard bushings and 80mm wheeled stability machines to top mount loose trucks surfy setups. LbL hippo on Paris 180mm 50* with vault fudges and an omen sugar on cal lI's 44* with sec9 race formulas. Loving these setups at the min. Will admit I never liked kicktails until chatting with my bro @ktm2014 and now I'm hooked! Thanks dude 馃槉
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@KTM2014 I tried to get coloured but it's the classic case of not much available in the uk. It's getting better over here tho. Loads of events popping up all over 馃槉
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@crazyheart moonshine hoedown. I put up a post about it I'll tag you in it.
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it destroys your shins too be careful lol no footstop needed on the sugar with that griptape for sure
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once you get the feel for it anyway
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It makes moving your back foot around a bit hard. It's all or nothing lol
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