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Heya ladies and gents, who out there likes to spin hula hoops? Hooping is a big passion in my life and I'm always looking for new friends to help me learn and grow in this wonderful art. Plus, people that hoop just get it. They are the most down to earth cool people to know. So let's assemble here and share anything and everything flowy! Spin on everyone.
@allischaaff We'll miss it's quite easy actually. All you need to be a hooper is a hula hoop, and some swinging music! That's the first step.
Hey, that's awesome @Tbomber74!! How does one become a hooper? :D
Today I'm trying to learn infinity tosses... and they are wrecking my life. It's one tough move but it looks so cool! Practice Practice I suppose. :D
@allischaaff Indeed it's that easy, and I definitely think you should pick it up sometime! There is tons.you can do to switch styles up. Doing more on body hooping combined with break combos is what I try and do. I have a very off the body jumpy style so bringing it on the body helps a bit.
@Tbomber74 Awesome :D it's that easy, huh?? I would love to try it out sometime. I've seen people doing it before, and it looks really fun :) what sorts of moves do you do, to switch things up??