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Boyfriend's Transformation 馃挋
As their debut they were the boyfriends any girl wanted until a few years ago their concept changed from the boy next door to twisted fairy tales!
Their debut "Boyfriend" was a cute mv as they tell us "I'm your boyfriend".
Their other songs were still in the boyfriend concept showing their cute and even more emotional selves. The songs listed below shows how they have changed over the years from 'Boyfriend' to a more different version of themselves.
I Yah
Obsession This mv showed a major change with their 'tattoos' and manlier looks with a twisted Peter Pan. He was actually the villian in this mv who killed the girl the boys were trying to save.
Witch In this mv the guys transformed into wolves who befriended this girl who turned out to be Little Red Riding Hood, the one killing the wolves off for revenge of her dead grandmother.
Bounce This one is a twist from Alice in Wonderland! I've always loved this story since I was a little girl and to see them put this together was amazing! Donghyun - the white rabbit Hyunseong - the male version of Alice Jeongmin - the card soldier Youngmin/Kwangmin - tweedledee / tweedledum (no shocker Lol) Minwoo - the mad hatter
I hope you enjoyed this card ^_^
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