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30 Day EXO Challenge Day 11

Day 11: Your Second Ultimate Bias in EXO ~ Jongdae (Chen)

Chen Chen Chen Chen! He makes me so happy! He's so underrated and how is he the least popular? What's not to love about him? And his voice, my gosh his voice!
Smile loves!
My god he's gotten buff! Men's biceps are my weakness. Jongdae's arms...
So handsome and sweet.
Wish more people would show him more love and support because he deserves it!
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@clstap1 Hi! Yay to not being the only ones! He's such a love bug I don't know how more people aren't in love with him!
@KellyOConner right? It suprises me how underrated he is! I mean lots of fans don't even know he can sing.