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Is it just me?

Ok is it just me or do other people also hate when people go and bully people just because of what they like?!? I mean it just makes me really mad and whats the point? The bullys take it to far and use physical force and then next thing you know the victims suicide and then they act like they don't care but deeeep down they knew they were the cause. So just be who you are and be proud of knowing that you're diffrent. And a lot of people I know like anime so I hang out with them and not people who make fun of others.
Anime has taught me so much I never really realized in real life. This why I love anime!
people can be serious jerks. sometimes they don't quite understand the damage they can or are causing to a persons wellbeing. they just follow blindly a person that does know. I've seen it too many times.
kindness is something everyone should learn. I think Anime really teaches us that it's essential to be kind in some way to people. The anime/manga community is the best community out there for meeting good people
I know how it feels but I just end up with a fuck it attitude because I hate people
anime is so important to me and if any body said anything bad about me watching it I would punch them in the face
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