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Is it just me?
Ok is it just me or do other people also hate when people go and bully people just because of what they like?!? I mean it just makes me really mad and whats the point? The bullys take it to far and use physical force and then next thing you know the victims suicide and then they act like they don't care but deeeep down they knew they were the cause. So just be who you are and be proud of knowing that you're diffrent. And a lot of people I know like anime so I hang out with them and not people who make fun of others.
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I completely agree with you and it's not only kids that bully it's adults too. It's getting out of control. I watch anime because their always fighting for what they believe in wether it be their friends family or beliefs. I want to fight for those I hold dear and the ppl I don't know who get bullied too. I just hope they know that one day they'll find the happiness they've been searching for
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Yes. This is me. Anime is love, anime is life. So is raspberry green tea.
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what do you not know? @arnelli
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