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Okay, in response to @shannonl5 tagging me in her post, I thought I'd make a card. So, here goes:

Poison Ivy Scarlet Witch Kirika Tohru Honda Ella (from Hana Kimi) Rogue

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@JustBrittany yessss those are both AWESOME characters!!! @kamijo Harley's? I liked her original costume but I'm kind of lukewarm about her Suicide Squad outfit. I think I could be convinced, and I'll probably end up liking it in context
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same here on her suicide squad look. I can't remember if she has an eye mask on. if she doesn't she totally should. that would look badass as well.
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@JustBrittany yeah the Suicide Squad doesn't have the mask at all. Personally I like the casting but the outfit doesn't really fit what I imagine the character to be like. It might end up working really well with the aesthetic they're going for but her original costume is still my favorite
2 years ago·Reply
the original costume will always be the favorite. @shannonl5
2 years ago·Reply
@JustBrittany same here ^_^ @DanRodriguez made a card about the costume recently haha apparently there's a porn version of the character but we all thought that costume was better XD
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