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Mixed Martial Arts
At first I was like... yes going to be awesome
Then when I went to spar with a friend... I just couldn't hit them... not that I'd lose but it was pretty weak...
and this was me every time sensei told me to take on one of the guys.... I'm really short and the guys in our club were a lot bigger than me....but I put in a good effort.... I got them down a few times (Even though they threw me on the ground three times as much)
and I was constantly waring with my friend who was always saying I needed to toughen up.... too many bruises....too many...
Every test for the next belt was hell... I mean hell... our sensei is a real masochist....
Anyone else in martial arts?
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@CarlosJimenez haha true!
@Maiggdlins did you ever break wooden boards or is that for a higher levle
Haha My sensei was against anything that would very possibly create a major injury (most of the time). Those in a higher level were told they could try but it was not a class lesson lol. We stuck to hitting our teammates and learning how to block the same attacks we were learning.
you say that your sensei is a masochistic, did he enjoy getting socked up by you and your peers
lol he definitely liked pain... he did our tests with us, and that's why they were so awful. I did kind of misuse the word in the sentence though.