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So I'm new to this app. It seems pretty cool so far. I love anime, music, video games, animals, and tons of other stuff and hoping to find some people to share my interest. Feel free to message and/or add me!
welcome to the warmest social network EVER. You will enjoy every moment of being a part of wonderful communities and you will surely find great friends here!
oi oi oi.. there is no such things as bad or good anime.. it's all about preferences.. I dislike DBZ but will still say it's a good anime.. just saying
@KyleSearl looks like you've been busy with some pretty good shows. @TerrecaRiley everybody has been very very welcoming and social. So far I'm liking it. :) @MaighdlinS I almost went to school to study animals but changed it a couple time until I landed with EMT lol
: D I also love all of those things! I totally went to school to study animals haha
@Faelidora I've already seen all of Fairy Tail, Bleach,Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, One Piece and most of Gintama and Naruto.. for the much bigger animes.. I love binge watching anime but I also hate it when I finish/catch up on a series.. it makes you feel like you're wasting your life.. until you find that next big hit :D
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