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ok so i really am a loyal bts fan!! that being said i found a new group that i love all thanks to @AimeeH -.- even though i was not ready to get into anither group i found my all time #2 bias check them out cross gene
#2 bias takuya Cross gene hes perfect and his beauty mark is amazing /.\
@mandisellers13 Amazing Bad Lady Shooting Star LA Di Da di Not yet a Man Sky High Crazy For this Love Page Of love Aurora One Way Love My Love Song Shi Tai Play With Me
@mandisellers13 "Na Hago Nolja" "Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man" "New Days" ...everything they do is amazing ^^
@jgallegos222 thank you so much! I am now in love can you reccomend me some songs?
Thank you for making this card! They need so much more attention. Takuya is my #2 in Cross Gene. He is precious.
@MattK95 Yes I have heard them! I love the songs!
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