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The hardest part of the day, by far, is getting out of bed. Do that...and the world becomes your oyster. All you have to do is put your feet on the floor and stand. You put some clothes on and catch the bus or train. You go to work. You do your work. You come home.

It sounds so simple, but it isn't. Why?

Why can't we force ourselves to live? What is so appealing about staying in bed or at home. Why is it, that we force ourselves to be social and "happy." Why can't we simply be those things?

The answer? We're afraid.

Let's put this phenomenon into perspective: you can't get out of bed because you're afraid right? There's something scary about leaving your room. Just like leaving your childhood home, your bed is a safety net.
You'd rather live in the safety of your room than go to work or school. Because you can control your environment if you're in your room right? Nobody can bother or hurt you.
If you're in your bed, shades drawn, door locked...nothing can ruin your day. Then again, nothing can make it either.
As soon as I hit that snooze button, I instantly regret it. I feel like I've lost another day that had potential to be amazing. Things that could have been great end up just...being. Nothing is lost and nothing is gained if you stay in bed. Apathy can take over. It's like you're on autopilot.
It is the easy choice. The hard one is to get up, put on your outfit and make an effort to do something with your life. When all you think about is avoiding people and risks, you're not living. You just merely exist. Nothing can touch you, not sunlight, not rain. You can't feel anything if you don't get up right?
If you stay asleep long enough, all of your problems seem to dissipate. Except they don't. They just fester and creep in your subconscious. They grow every day. If you ignore something for long enough...some think it'll go away.
But it won't. It never will. It just gets worse and worse, until you have to finally get up and deal with it. You can't sleep until the world ends.

Things crumble faster under idleness. Trust me.

I spent a lot of time idling in my room. You know...just sitting there. Not really thinking about anything, rather...hiding. Hiding from the world, trying to justify my feelings of depression and loneliness.
Instead of doing something about it, and getting out there...looking like a fool and talking freely, I closed myself off. It seemed like the better, safer choice, but looking back, there is nothing I regret more than not getting out of bed. On those days where I wanted to hide, I should have stepped into the light. Who knows what could have happened if I had mustered the strength to face the day.

Little choices lead to big things. Remember that.

If you can force yourself out of bed, it'll make a difference. Sure you'll be tired, and you'll feel just as bad as you did when you woke up...but you won't regret anything. You won't miss your life. You won't let things pass by you. And you'll experience the good and the bad as you should.

Because ignoring things never leads to progress, only the fact that you missed out, and nothing can help you go back in time.

I think sleeping is good for recharging your body and soul and getting you ready to face your life. Hiding hides you from your life and you'll always be found
@mchlyang that is so true. I'm glad you liked the card.I find all of this to be completely true. It's so hard to make that initial step. Working hard can only happen if we're conscious! lol and @MaighdlinS that's okay. I spent an entire weekend in my house...and while I was doing it, I missed out on some great memories. But...if you TRULY need the REST than by all means!!! Just remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to :)
This is great! Thank you @TessStevens! Also, I would like to share a personal favorite quote that might go well with this card: "If you sleep you might miss the opportunity to be successful."
it's so true! I can't really talk though because I didn't leave my apartment once today....
Check this video out for some motivation and inspiration!