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Hey everyone!! I just felt like writing another story bc they are so fun. This one thought is dedicated to @Allyson3333. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy lol.
*This is not happening.* Allyson thought. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. *I must be going crazy.* She thought to herself. Because right there in her favorite café was Sehun drinking a coffee. It was Allyson's birthday today and it hadn't started off very well at all. She had decided to visit her favorite cafe to cheer herself up. She never expected to see her ultimate bias there!!
*What should I do? I can't just walk over there...wait why not?" Allyson argued with herself in her head. She decided to just walk over there and play it cool if she could without showing her fangirl-crazed side.
Allyson gathered her strength and walked up to him and said a cheerful "Hi, are you Oh Sehun?" To her delight he took off his glasses and looked at her with a smile. "Yes I do think that's my name. May I ask yours?" He said with a warm smile. *OMG was this really happening???*
"Uhhh...right..uh," Allyson stammered. "My name's Allyson." Sehun bit his lip saying "Allyson? What a beautiful name. I'll definitely remember it and you from now on." Allyson was stunned. "Really? I'm so flattered..*squealing on the inside* You know it is my birthday today too."
"Oh..let's see what would be a good gift for a pretty girl like you..." Sehun thought deeply. Then he shot up and said he'll be right back. "Don't move." He said while wiping his face seductively. Allyson didn't need to be told twice. She was so excited that her birthday had took a turn for the better.
He came back a few minutes later with a bunch of really expensive purses. "I couldn't decide on one so I got three." He said as he offered them to me. "For me?" she asked not believing what was happening today. "Yeah. Take it will you." He said smirking. "Oh and Happy Birthday."
Happy Birthday!! @Allyson3333 I really hoped u like this story I did. Lol I knew Sehun was ur ultimate bias so I went for it.
OMO!!!! Thank you so so so so much!!!!! This was by far the best gift I got today!!! How will I ever repay you?!?!
@Allyson3333 You're welcome :) I just wanted to make ur birthday a little happier.
You made my birthday 1 million times better!!! Thanks so much!!!!