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We recently were talking about how insanely hard it is to pick a bias in Seventeen (see here) and I was thinking...why isn't Seungkwan getting more mentions?!

So here's my little Seungkwan appreciation post cause HE DESERVES IT!

Here are his deets: Real Name: Boo Seung Kwan (부승관)
Birthdate: Janauary 16, 1998
Hometown: Jeju-do
Specialty: Singing, Saving the atmosphere/mood, Writing lyrics, MC, DJ-ing, Vocal imitations
Hobbies: Calligraphy, Basketball, Musical singing
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Training Period: 3 years and 2 months
Seungkwan got casted through a video on the internet of him singing. If any of you have tried to record yourselves singing, you’d know that unless you use professional equipment, certain notes get lost/aren’t able to be heard. That’s how good he is at singing.
He was given offers by multiple companies. He's one of the youngest members of Seventeen so for him to have that many offers is insane at his age.
He is always the one to go and try to cheer other members up.
Sometimes certain things are said/done to the Chinese members, especially Minghao. (Usually really subtle things...) If Seungkwan sees this happening, he tries to stop it and reassure them that they’re doing great.
HE LOVES HIS MOTHER SO MUCH. Has a lot of respect for his mother to the point where some fans make fun of him for it.
He's just a really respectful dude. He cried when meeting Dino’s dad, praises older singers, is one of the first to bow, etc.
He is always worried about his dancing and wants to become better so that he can choreograph something too. He genuinely feels bad about not being able to!
He also works hard to learn other languages, even though he could probably get by only knowing one since other members in his group cover English and Chinese for him.
He taught himself how to play the piano so he could have a duet with Woozi!
Has openly said that he doesn’t see himself as charismatic or as good at singing as Hoshi and Woozi, despite being on their level.
His weight is a sensitive topic that keeps getting brought back up. Both fans and occasionally other members/MCs make fun of his weight. It’s obvious he’s insecure about it.
He remembers every member’s birthday always.
Once, he kept fighting with the other members. He realized he was just sensitive from stress, and felt so bad he went and did all the laundry.
Even though he’s one of the youngest members he often looks at Dino + Vernon with concern and care because they’re young even though…he’s just as young as them…
In this acoustic version of Adore U (which you need to watch cause its fabulous) Seungkwan is the first person to celebrate Joshua. He basically says "We all worked hard practicing this but Joshua really really worked hard to make this acoustic version possible."
Has a lot of pride in who he is and where he’s from. It’d be very easy for him to make fun of his home to try and fit in and gain favor, instead he praises Jeju island and its people as much as he can.
Seventeen (and their fans!) are lucky to have such an awesome member!



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He is so cute tbh what made me like him is in one of the episodes of the 17 project when they got their rings back from there parents he like hugged his mom & cried & you could tell he really loves his mom I admire him so much tbh to not hide how much he loves his mom.
WHOA WHOA WHOA just cause we didn't mention him doesn't mean we don't love him I mean I'm pretty sure everyone died watching him sing in Mansae because he is a bias wrecker
Which is a whole different category
@OleysaSencen hahahahahhahaha
Stapppp I just got my bias list togethhherrrrr ;(