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T or Blacklight?

Alright, so I recently replayed Prototype and rewatched/replayed Resident Evil, and one question sticks in my mind... which host is stronger? One the hand, Mercer has the more versatile arsenal and can fight at any range, but on the other Wesker is physically and mentally superior to Mercer. Personally, I think they would fight each other to almost a standstill. Whoever would have more stamina by the end would consume the other, but the two viruses would try to take over each other and end up killing the remaining host. That's my two cents on the matter... so... Opinions?
well I do agree wesker is more mentally stable then mercer but when you've maxed out mercer on prototype, he's only one step away from being a legit god... add in there's a second game where he absorbs 6 others who have the same powers (don't know how strong) in an instant after the first game, his regen is incredible to that of cod. add that when in danger the virus does things on instinct so that gets rid of any mental issues... and wesker stands no chance mainly because mercer could absorb him not long after starting the battle.
@VinMcCarthy Well, I don't take one side or the other. I make these posts mainly to have a dialouge about characters that others enjoy as well as myself. More of a, "Why do you think (character) would win?" instead of, "I think (character) would win." I just want to see what the community thinks.
I'm with @namrow here. I really loved parts of the Prototype games, but Wesker is just ridiculously overpowered, especially in a small one-on-one situation. His speed and strength are absurd, and though Mercer has a variety of abilities, he just can't keep up with Wesker. he might last a little longer in his body armor, but even with that I don't think he'll win the fight
@GabeOwens Actually, if you recall the fight with the first Leader Hunter, the Blacklight virus has to overpower the target's mind before he can consume them. Or, as Alex said, "Break," them. Wesker by himself had some pretty incredible mental fortitude, but in combination with the T-virus his... everything... became a lot sharper and stronger. Also, while Mercer can regen very quickly, he can only regen by consuming or staying out of combat for a period of time. While fighting, the Blacklight virus focuses on making sure that Alex doesn't get blown up when a missle hits him directly. Wesker himself also has a fairly strong regen ability, and while no where as effective if he wasn't fighting, it works as he fights. Not to mention that Wesker can dash short distances faster than the human brain can process.
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