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Hey L&R community!!

Today I just wanted to highlight a few awesome cards I've seen recently. These Vinglers have fearlessly shared their stories in Love & Relationship, and now, they need your help! Let's all go and comment on their posts and give them some love :) And some love advice, if possible! :D

A Strange Situation

Strange Incidence by my lovely friend @DeepakAswal
Can you explain this person's strange behavior? :/ I was stumped!! So we'd really appreciate some input on this one...

Is My Friend Making a Big Mistake?

Where is the love? by the kind and caring @Julitta1207
Help her give her friend some good advice!!

Gorgeous Poetry & Incredible Stories

Okay, this one's less about advice and more about appreciating someone's beautiful art :) I would be super grateful if you would all go check out these AWESOME poems by my clever, badass friend @quietone!! There's In a World Without You and Longing For Vanny... these are two of my recent favorites :) And @quietone also has a FASCINATING life story, which you can read about here!!
Oh, and bonus – if you all haven't read this amazing, funny story by @JonPatrickHyde yet, I urge you to do so!! It's amazing, a really good read from a kind, funny, caring man :) It's his entry for the Worst/Funniest First Date Challenge!

Thank you so much for sharing the love, everybody!!

awesome way to be looking out for people... you rock, my friend πŸ‘πŸ˜
@Julitta1207 I'm so glad! :DD <3 Awww @TerrecaRiley @karencorchado you guys are so sweet *blush* <3 Anytime @DeepakAswal, I hope it helped!! :D So much L&R lovinnnn
Oh I appreciate your kindness! Some of vinglers already replied on my card. It helped a lot!
@allischaaff this is great of you. I'm gonna check them out now. πŸ˜‰
Yes go Vinglers go! I'll be sure to check all of these out! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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