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so this weekend is Hmong New Year and I went with my friend and her daughter (my niece). I was randomly walking around when I got to a vender that was selling dvds and stumbled upon this and instantly started dying of laughter. im honestly very greatful for this drama becoming so big that it ended up being (subbed or dubbed...I have no clue I didnt get the dvd) in other languages like Hmong. Has anyone seen any other popular K-Dramas subbed or dubbed in random languages being sold at a festival before?
one time for some i walked into my parents room and my dad was watching Coffee Prince that had been dubbed in Spanish haha just on a spanish tv channel and I was like what the heck. it was random as hell ...because there is a channel that plays nothing but korean,dramas, shows..etc. ..commercial even... its one channel with everything ...anyways yeah he was having the time of his life haha
@kpopandkimchi I was so surprised when I saw this.
Whoa that's awesome! BBF really took over the world hahah