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Hey Vingl-gamers!

So, a few months back I wrote a card talking about this new indie game in development by fledgling studio Lillith. It is being touted as a potential spiritual sucessor to Hideo Kojima's PT, the teaser for the Silent Hills game that never was, that had Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus attached.
If you like horror games, or even just horror in general, this is a game you want to know more about. And do more about.
So this game was started as a passion project by one guy - Chris Kesler. He wanted a new first-person horror game that hearkens back to the days of horror games driven predominantly by an engaging and unsettling plot. Nowadays, most horror games seem to rely on jumpscares for the scariness, and Kesler doesn't believe in that vision.
After 6 months or so working on the game by himself, Kesler added other staff members to the team, and together these 12 members make up the company Lilith Ltd.
The game has gotten huge support from members of the horror game community. People have been quick to point out the similarities between this game and the cancelled Silent Hills. The use of first-person, the domestic setting, even the apparition in the gameplay video are all reminiscent of PT.
Rather than be bitter about the cancellation of Silent Hills, I think we should be exicted about the work being done here by Lilith Ltd. and Kesler.
These are some new still that Aliison Road has just released this past week. They depict that the scope of the game extends beyond just the house in the beginning. A big part of what the folks at Lilith have been saying is that part of the horror will be trying to determine what is real and what is not. Some of these still speak to that - improbable designs of nature and a pier to nowhere tell us that all may not be normal here.
In any case, what is important to know right now is that Allison Road is seeking funding on Kickstarter. I know that this seems to be the go-to route for indie developers these days, but this is one I'm genuinely excited about. I actually made a Kickstarter account just so that I could pledge some money to this game.
And that's why I'm writing this. I don't know if there are any horror fans in the videogame community, but I'm sure there might be. This game looks like it is going for an authentic horro game experience, relying more on an unsettling narrative than on cheap gimmicks to evoke a startle.
If you have the ability, I highly suggest donating to the game. Depending on how much you can/want to give, you can opt for different rewards. Most of them (except the lowest donations) will grant you a digital download of the game. Rewards build from there.

If you care for indie games, or for horror games, or just for narrative, this is something you should strongly consider backing.

Woah this is COOL! I would definitely play this game. Are the GIFs real images from the video game???
@alywoah they are from a gameplay video that showcased the kind of things to expect from the game! so in a way yes, though not sure if they would be in the final product.
I went on their Kickstarter site and it says it's cancelled
I HAVE to have this. I can't wait!!! :D