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The Denver Broncos launched a fitness challenge that will run for 45 days, starting October 12, 2015! Their goal is to encourage fans to live a healthy lifestyle. The challenge includes dietary and fitness-related tasks. There's also a point system to it. For example, if you successfully complete a daily goal or the "extra points" challenge, you'll be awarded points.
This is how the daily goals look like:
-Complete 20 minutes of physical activity
-Eat five servings of fruit and/or vegetables
-Drink eight glasses (8 oz.) of water
-Extra Points: these tasks will be sent via email to participants
Easy enough, right? I think it's a great start to get people to be more active and healthy.
They have a registration for their challenge on their Sparkpeople website. I need a little push, so I am definitely in for this! Oh and they have some incentives. You will have the chance to win one of five weekly prizes including autographed Denver Broncos merchandise, Bose headphones, gift cards, workout gear, and more.
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Yeah. It seems like a starter challenge. There aren't many rules...It think it should be used as a little nudge to help you make better, healthier choices. @thefeels
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@mchlyang thanks for the tag! I'm down!!
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@alywoah I do make healthy choices 馃槕 except for the ones that involves no sugar for 3 days.
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I should have these covered. ^.^ I wonder what the extras are... Thanks, @alywoah and @mchlyang!! :D
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you're welcome ^_^ @Butterflyblu
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