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It's officially Ladies' Week here on Vingle, and the Funny Community will be celebrating alongside the Marvel, Japanese Anime, News, and Sports Communities - each hosting their own events and content featuring and celebrating the women we love the most!
This week, I want to celebrate my favorite funny ladies in a daily card where I post five interesting facts about them.

I'm starting with my all-time favorite, Amy Poehler!

Amy played Rachel McAdams' mother in 'Mean Girls' - but they're only really 7 years apart!

Amy is a native Bostonian - and a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox!

Amy and fellow SNL alum Tina Fey have been best friends for over 20 years! (#SquadGoals?)

When Amy was pregnant with one of her sons, her water broke during the 'DUN DUN!' of the Law & Order intro.

Amy founded Smart Girls At The Party with two of her friends, a non-profit meant to educate and inspire young women!

Do you love Amy too?

Let me know all about your favorite Amy moments, and look forward to tomorrow's Funny Girl Facts!

Who doesn't love Leslie Knope (aww made myself cry I miss that show馃槩)
I feel like me and Poehler could do the best kinda damage for all the right reasons.
Yes AMY! She is amazing. I really really like her, like more than a lot of other people. hahahaha The Law and Order thing cracked me up. And seriously...I absolutely love Parks and Rec. GENIUS
@ButterflyBlu Hahahaha, you and Amy's baby.
I DO love Amy Poehler! That Law & Order, yo. I get excited 'bout it, too. Haha!
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