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The last thing you remember is drifting off to sleep happily. Slowly you open your eyes hoping to see your lover. You didn't though you saw something much worse. All you could do was stare awestruck, it was like someone was choking you. Only one phrase could enter your mind, "that's a girl...." You immediately feel sick to your stomach. What you knew was proven to be a lie or least it seems. Unable to cope with this your brain shut down it was in too much shock. This was too much how is this even possible? It had to be a sick prank right? Your sanity was slowly rotting away as you stated at this.....girl. She......she was you. That's not right at all though your a man you should know. Despite your thoughts a woman with your height and face was in front of you. How can this be? You begin to panic unsure what to do next. Was everything you believed and faught for a lie? Is this......woman what your supposed to be? No that's not right at all theres no way in hell. Not after all you went through to be the man you are today. "oh god someone wake me please. This has to be a nightmare." With all your sanity rotted away you gag. Panic is now in control of your body. Nothing else is in your mind other than the sheer panic. Just this.....woman was you same haircut and glasses only the figure was different. She has an hour glass figure nothing like your rectangle figure. You refuse to accept this and grab at the sides of your head. Tears fall from your face as you beg and plead to wake up from this. Finally you snap and lunacy sets in you curl your lips into a big smile. "there's no way this is real its some bullshit fake. Yea that's right." A twisted smile still on your face you finally look away. Look away from that.....woman and down at your hands instead. The veins on your hands are protruding. After a moment you make a fist with your right hand "I'll never accept this.....thing as me ever!!" Then you clock yourself in the temple but its no good, you're still conscious. "you're not me!!!!" you scream at the top of your lungs as you hit yourself again. Over and over again you scream "you're not me!!! you can't be!!" More tears poured from your eyes as you hit yourself in just the right spot. At long last you were welcomed by the darkness.
that's a weird dream.
i am also not great at wording things. so i understand what you mean by that.
no no not at all sorry I'm not great at wording things
yea I do and I've learned over time who I am and its not a mistake I'm lucky to have learned who I am and I'm proud of it
yea it is bad when I think about it but most times I disregard it which is why my subconscious brought it up. to keep me strong and prepared for when it happens again
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