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Waeyo? because I can
his quirkiness and forever changing hair
cuteness and fashion is on point
his awkward hair in you're beautiful
his confession to Go Minam
had me like oppa I'll love you the awkward meeting of his virtual wife FUJI MINA and wedding, honeymoon and everything else
and the emotions of their goodbye had me holding my heart My heartu!!!
made me fall for him more and more Lee Honggi oppa my bias that made my heart hurt ugh!! in his dramas and songs
You're Beautiful is really what made me fall in love!
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I'm not even done with show so the feels are recent ehe but I've seen everything else he's done @kpopandkimchi
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I think he looks Adorable with the Pink in his hair 😆 Hongki stay Sassy & Classy
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