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On Thursday night, Donald Trump ran a campaign event in Las Vegas. Trump welcomed an immigrant on stage by the name of Myriam Witcher. She is from Colombia and she is also a Trump supporter. According to NPR, The woman jumped up and down in excitement and said, "I'm Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump. We vote for Mr. Trump. We love you, we love you, all the way to the White House."
Yes, even Latinos have different opinions on politics and immigration laws and issues. I am definitely not surprised. People associate themselves with different political parties, and this is the same for the Latino community.
She stated that she arrived into the country legally, and that Trump needs to "send all illegal [immigrants] out of the the country."
On Stephen Colbert, Bill Clinton stated that Donald Trump is "the most interesting character out there." He has a point. Trump is all over the media because of how vocal and (perhaps transparent?) he is. I am not a Trump fan, but I'll give credit where it's due: he's definitely a character. He is certainly getting massive attention and media coverage. Many people may not favor Trump, but he'll be remembered, that's for sure.
Latinos voting for Trump...outlandish? Ehhh, people just have different opinions, even Latinos.

But for this specific event, do you think this was staged?

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Not to be a Trump hater or anything, but she's def getting paid a shit ton just to do that. Money wins in politics.
Man this is crazy.I never really thought that there were Latinos that could have such an opinion.this is really sad.the republican party is going to have a field day with this.
@alywoah yeah that wouldn't be surprising.but the fact that she was willing to so if is what's so sad.
@nicolejb don't feel bad. I thought the exact same thing...
If you want to see the video: @nicolejb @mchlyang @tessstevens. It could totally have been staged...
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