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The Hype for Seraph of the End Season 2
I can wait for the next season of Seraph of the End. Now for me I already read ahead in the manga, but when I saw it animations it gave me the thrills to see what will happen in this season and how far it can go from the manga. The first episode should be out go take a look and see for yourselves cause I'm about to watch and peace out.
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I think I'll restart this series and watch it.. I watched like 2 episodes and got distracted by a whole different anime
2 years ago·Reply
omg I love Seraph of the End
2 years ago·Reply
Yes. i am loving the first ep already.
2 years ago·Reply
just downloaded episode 1, I'm hype
2 years ago·Reply
I kind of hope it follows the manga. Then again, I guess if it didn't that could turn out good as well.
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